Uncompromising: Modesty

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Recently I have been having a lot of conversations with some of you about biblical womanhood.  I struggle with the term, mainly because when I hear those two words there’s a tension in my heart and mind.  I am learning to be more aware of the tension I am feeling and asking myself- ‘Is thisContinue Reading

Fresh Grounded Faith Conference

A little about Fresh Grounded Faith Conferences… ‘It‘s been my desire to reach women in cities around the country by connecting women in local churches with each other. It’s my heartbeat that churches work together to bring Kingdom-minded women’s events to our nation.  These area-wide events encourage women to connect with each other and God. Continue Reading

Mugs & Muffins

Our next Mugs & Muffins is this coming Saturday, September 24 from 9:00-11:00am at the home of Glenda Irwin (1492 Piper).  Our special guest will be Kay Vaughn.  Kay will be sharing about her recent experience in the Japan earthquake. If you would like to bring muffins to share, please contact Pat Cloud.  Don’t forget toContinue Reading