Update: Women’s Bible Study

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Many of you have been wondering and asking, ‘Are we having women’s bible study this Fall?’ The short answer is ‘no’ but the women’s bible study team wanted you to also know the answer to another question, ‘why not?’

Would you believe that the answer really isn’t that complicated, but it has been really hard to do. We have decided to take a break.

‘Taking a break’ is something that we seem to naturally resist. Taking a break disrupts our routine and how we love the structure of our routine. Disrupting our routine causes us to take responsibility for our lives.

So that’s it in a nutshell – we want to take our responsibility, both individually and as members of a team. This will take some time and we are going to take it. Women’s Bible study means different things to different people, we understand this and we know there is disappointment in our decision. When the doors open on a given Wednesday or Thursday session we believe that each person that walks into the room has a reason for being there, we believe that each life is precious and worthy of our best efforts. God is worthy of our best efforts. We take it seriously.

Our study times together are more about being where God wants us to be, not only to be driven by a calendar or by any other agenda. We truly want to be led by God, so that in turn we can lead together this thing we call women’s bible study.

See you in bible study… soon!